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Welcome to the official online Minnesota eFMG - Forest Management Guidelines training course!

Important: You will need to refer to a copy of Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines ("gold book"), the Biomass Harvesting Guidelines insert, and the new Pocket Guide introduced in 2014. PDF versions are located to the left in the "Resource Links".

If you prefer a hard copy of the publications and cannot print them, you can request them from the Minnesota Logger Education Program (MLEP) at (218) 879-5633.

This training requires computer speakers or headphones. High speed internet is highly suggested for this training.

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This registration system will guide you to create a guest username/password to use for the course (If you have a UMN x500 username/password, you will be able to skip this step), collect basic information about you needed by the course instructor, and give you the link to immediately access the online course after these steps have been completed.

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After you have registered, you can access the online course at anytime.  Remember, it is suggested to use Mozilla Firefox with your Moodle course for it to function properly.  You need to have installed Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or newer for the course presentations to work properly. Because Flash is required, this training will not work on an iPad. Also, Moodle (the courseware used for this course) utilizes pop-ups. Disable your browser pop-up blocker to ensure you can access all the course content.

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Content Team:
Chris Dunham -The Nature Conservancy
Bob Hedberg - St. Louis County
Quinton Legler - UPM/Blandin
Steve Leppala - MN Pollution Control Agency
Mike Magner - MN DNR
Doug Norris - MN DNR
Tim Quincer - MN DNR
Lori Schmidt - Vermilion Community College

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